Member Benefits

As a community of business owners committed to learning from each other, Safari Professionals provides support, tools and opportunities for member companies to grow and improve their businesses and amplify their voices.


Like-minded community, tips and advice, problem solving, conflict resolution


Boilerplates & templates, 3rd party materials and collateral, Annual Review/trend report


Chat groups, annual forum, exclusive amenities, shared campaigns, collective statements


Enhanced market awareness, trade channel protection, unique or exclusive offerings


Best practices, knowledge sharing and professional development, webinars

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Testimonials from current members

"Safari Pros provides us with the invaluable opportunity to share information and best practices with the top safari specialists in North America, as well as to collaborate with the most important Africa-based suppliers to an extent that we would never be able to on our own. "

Classic Africa

“Safari Professionals has been a game changer for us and has been a key component to our growth, efficiency, and profitability over the past few years. Being able to collaborate and learn from each other has certainly helped us build a better business."

Next Adventure

“Safari Pros provides a valuable opportunity to collaborate with other likeminded African experts. We combine our years of experience to ensure visitors to Africa enjoy the continent in a safe, unforgettable, and responsible way."

Travel Beyond

“Since helping create Safari Professionals many years ago, I have enjoyed watching the organization evolve into an ever more collaborative tool. The communication platform it creates for members and suppliers makes it a powerful agent for change in our industry."

Piper & Heath