Our core tenets

Conscious Collaboration

  • We promote collaborative relationships among our member companies. In fact, many of our members agree that the peer relationships gained from their membership is invaluable.
  • Our annual member meeting, Safari Pros Forum, is a great way to network with peers, share inspiring ideas and discover best practices as well as a unique opportunity to intimately engage with industry leaders on big-picture issues and trends.
  • We keep our members informed about a wide range of relevant issues. This includes our own initiatives with the market, supplier news, conservation and community information, developments within the travel industry and changes in new or proposed legislation (both in North America and Africa) at a time when conservation and sustainable travel are top of mind.
  • Our established networks and communication channels offer our members unrivaled support in any emergency situation.

Competitive Advantage

  • We identify, develop and maintain close relationships with suppliers who support our mission and values.
  • Our members are often privy to new initiatives, favorable pricing structures, special offers, incentives, and/or upgrades because we actively engage with our supplier partners to negotiate these benefits for our members.
  • We educate suppliers on the value of the North American travel specialist companies, thereby protecting the trade.

Conservation & Community

  • We play an active role in researching conservation and community initiatives in Africa, identifying their validity and value, and making this information available to our members.
  • We also identify and monitor the true conservation impact of supplier programs. In this sense, we help ensure that the conservation and community monies flowing from our member companies and travelers are used to maximum impact in Africa.
  • We continuously strive to identify and support as many equitable initiatives in Africa as possible.

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